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Shrinedom in the Maryland Jurisdiction (PHA)
 Desert of Maryland Website

A.E.A.O.N.M.S. of North 
and South America
and its Jurisdictions, Inc.
Auxiliary of the A.E.A.O.N.M.S., PHA Desert of Maryland

Auxiliary of the A.E.A.O.N.M.S., PHA

PC Joan Campbell
Imperial Deputy for the Desert of Maryland
Tuwa Court No. 210 

PC Gwendolyn A. Moore 
Imperial 2nd Ceremonial Daughter
Jerusalem Court No. 1 
- - - ​
PC Janice Albritton Pollock (1)
Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Baltimore

PC Jacqueline Veeney (189)
Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Salisbury

PC Deblen Edge (193)
Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Accokeek

PC Racine Gooding (197) 
Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Rockville

PC Alberta Smith-Colden (210)
Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Annapolis

Noble Otis Wilson #213
Imperial Deputy of the Desert

Imperial Advisor

PP Michael Bowen #206
Imperial Organizer

2014 Desert Conference Divan
HPIP Eastern G. Stewart, Jr.#213                 PP Melvin Turner #206
Desert Chief Rabban                                     Desert 2nd Ceremonial Master

PP Jack L. Jones #4                                      Noble Craig Shumate #4 
Desert Assistant Rabban                               Desert Captain of the Guard

PP Jerome Richards #228                             PP Wesley Minter #234
Desert Treasurer                                            Desert Marshall

PP Joseph K. Carpenter #234                       PP Donald Smith #4  
Desert Recorder                                            Desert Outer Guard

PP Andre Bazemore #4                                 Noble James A. Stokes #213
Desert High Priest and Prophet                     Desert 3-Year Auditor

Noble Carl L. Jones #219                              Noble Malek Crawford #228
Desert Oriental Guide                                    Desert 2-Year Auditor

PP Bouveia Porter #4                                    PP James A. Scott #213
Desert 1st Ceremonial Master                       Desert 1-Year Auditor
  Jerusalem #4                                 Abu LaHab #206                                 Misr #213
  Noble Jonathan Goode-Bey,  IP     Noble Melvin Bivens, IP                       Noble Otis Wilson, IP
  PP Jack Jones, Deputy, Oasis       PP William Camper, Deputy, Oasis      PP Charles Wilson, Deputy, Oasis

  Anwar #219                                    Tuwa #228                                          Salah Al Din #234
  Noble James Jackson, IP               Noble William Vandervall, IP               Noble Keith Anderson, IP
  PP James Paylor, Deputy, Oasis   PP Jacque Brown, Deputy, Oasis        PP Percy Williams, Deputy, Oasis

  Home of
  HPIP Ronald Dickens #213, Imperial Council Recorder
  HPIP Warren Broomer #213, Imperial Council Auditor