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Elected Grand Lodge Officers
Appointed Grand Lodge Officers

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Myra Grand Chapter, OES (PHA) State of Maryland and Jurisdiction

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Elected Grand Chapter Officers

Faye H. Williams (2) Grand Worthy Matron 

Herman I. Williams (2) Grand Worthy Patron 

Carol D. Simon (85) Grand Associate Matron 

Kevin Cunningham (41) Grand Associate Patron 

Tracy I. Brown (42) Grand Conductress 

Lillie M. Jones (11) Grand Associate Conductress 

Cynthia Henderson (19) Grand Treasurer 

LaVerne P. Evans (46) Grand Secretary 

Robbie Chrishon (36) Grand Financial Secretary 

Juanita Brinkley-Hall (11) Grand Assistant Secretary 

Barbara J. Henderson (85) Grand Chairman of Trustees 

Beverly L. Scroggins (60) Grand Trustee in the South

Jeanette Randall (25) Grand Trustee in the North
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